Mara Heist
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A major expose by citizen television on a shocking looting spree at the Maasai Mara university in Narok county, the vice chancellor professor Mary Walingo has taken to social media to confirm that there are financial misdeeds at the university. The vice chancellor who avoided the citizen crew during the investigation has instead posted a video on the social media admitting misappropriation of funds at the south rift institution of higher learning. Citizen investigations place prof. Walingo at the center of the massive looting of funds at the Maasai Mara University as will be detailed in the investigative story the ‘Mara heist’ airing tomorrow right here on citizen. Prof Walingo frustrated numerous attempts by our investigative journalists to get a response on allegations leveled against her. She instead made attempts to reach out to our team informally with a Narok based freelance cameraman acting as broker and asking the citizen team to drop the story to quote ‘save the vice chancellor’. In the social media video, prof Walingo did not address any of the allegations leveled against her and instead spent some time listing what she considered her achievements.